Demand Planning with MS Power Platform

Standardization and digitalization of demand collection process

Published On: janeiro 14, 2022none
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Bip is leading different initiatives in the field of IT Governance to support the client in the Digital Transformation plan. Despite the review of the core processes (like capacity and demand), there is a need of accelerating the time to market for the setup of applications that support these processes, today manually done with common office tools. Traditional software development is limiting, in some way, the Digital Transformation journey due to the barrier to entry, cost and time development.


Bip has introduced in the institute a software development initiative using the low-code platform "Microsoft Power Platform". The implemented solution supports the customer’s IT governance departments in planning activities and needs, replacing all the manual activities with a turn-key solution. The application was developed in “fast track mode" to produce immediate benefit, though being coherent with the end-to-end operating model under the definition. This initiative has also addressed other aspects as the governance model of the platform, security, and more generally the technological opportunities related to low-code adoption.


This initiative has introduced a new software development paradigm, leading not only to the realization of additional PowerApps that support the process review but also to the need for a central IT governance platform in which low-code is the enabling technology.


70% reduction app development effort (compared with a traditional development model)

Up to 50% saved time in the demand plan tasks

Introduced the Low-Code as an alternative way to develop applications into the institute

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