Cloud-native DWH on Microsoft Azure

Leverage cloud-native technologies to create a new Datawarehouse for Analytics

Published On: dezembro 21, 2021none
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In the financial world, better information means better profits.

The ongoing cloud revolution make the data more valuable.

In this perspective, the first step consists in the migration of the existing on-premise databases on the new infrastructure and replicate the current dataflows.

Afterwards, the improvement, the enrichment and the analysis of your data are at hand.


Bip supported Arca Fondi Sgr in the definition, design and implementation of the Cloud-native DWH on Microsoft Azure.

Therefore, the migration from the current on-premise databases begun and, at the moment, most of the dataflows are implemented on the cloud.

The migration is still ongoing but ARCA and Bip started to plan and implement improvements on the existing data, the substitution of some external vendor to full internalize the management of data.

Furthermore, the client has built new dataflow to enrich the current information and has produced visualizations by leveraging on existing and new tools.


The partnership between ARCA Fondi Sgr and Bip produced a fully-cloud DWH characterized by scalability and agility to better adapt to the company growth.

The output data consisted of at least 40 business metrics declined on 9 dimensions to have a fully vision on the customers.

Moreover, the solution is secure and GDPR compliant by design.


Fully-cloud DWH

Scalability and agility to adapt to the company growth

40+ business metrics declined on 9 dimensions to have a fully vision on the customers

Solution secure and GDPR compliant by design


Here at Arca Fondi we believe in the value of technology, competence and ideas. This is why we have chosen Bip as a Partner to face our digital transformation process. With the help of Bip we have created an innovative, effective and efficient DWH cloud, laying the foundations for the development of the Arca Fondi of tomorrow.

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