Defining a Global Cloud Strategy and Operating Model

Outlining the key decisions, recommendations, and roadmap to becoming a cloud native organisation

Published On: janeiro 15, 2022none
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The client was looking to begin the journey to becoming a cloud native organisation and make the most of the capabilities that it would enable. Starting from scratch, they needed to understand the cloud landscape to make decisions from what Cloud Provider to use to defining an operating model and roadmap.


Our  team created a framework to assess the cloud provider selection and implementation that would provide that would best propel the client’s organisational objectives.

This analysis included factors such as general capabilities, specialist functionality advantages, pricing and pricing structure, synergies in approach and ease of integration for each major cloud provider under consideration.

We researched and structured analysis of hundreds of individual cloud products. They also interviewed and assessed over a dozen managed service providers as an additional option to the recommended internal team structure as part of the operating model assessment.

We then summarised the analysis into a series of recommendations for the client.


The client was able to confidently and quickly make defining decisions for its data and technology strategy outcomes in the coming years. As an entity independent of any vendor or service provider involved, we were able to provide the best recommendation without bias.


20% reduction in processing time

4,000 customers trained to use the system in three weeks

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