At Bip we help our customers to accelerate their transformation process to become Digital and Data Driven Companies supporting the entire process of Data Platform Modernization.

Bip is the international consultancy firm of the 21st century recognized as Microsoft Gold Partner for its outstanding skills and experiences in Data, Cloud and Analytics, among others. Our approach in structured in three main phases:

  1. Assess & Evaluate, definition of the strategic direction and understanding of the AS-IS infrastructure and applications via:
  • Identification of the cloud maturity, main cloud-adoption drivers, issues/ constraints of the current architecture and of the TO-BE requirements/objectives
  • Assessment of the system in scope of the cloud migration (Upstream and Downstream Systems, Data Flows, Data Model, Costs, Security Constraints, etc.) and of the current Operating Model
  • Solution Blueprinting and High-Level Roll-Out Roadmap and Business Case Evaluation
  1. Conceptualize the Foundation, definition of the TO-BE scenario based on the collected requirements through:
  • High and Low Level Design of the solution
  • Security By Design based on customer Security Requirements, Policies and Compliances (GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.)
  1. Execute, Measure & Improve, solution implementation and delivery in terms of:
  • Data Modeling – Definition of the data logical layers (RAW, Staging, etc.), data structures and models (Logical Data Model, Physical Data Model, etc.) for the Data Lake or Relational RDBMS/DWH
  • Data Ingestion and Processing – Definition of the interfaces and data pipelines through Azure Data Factory and Databricks, Data Flow, HDInsight, Databricks, SQL Stored Procedures, etc.
  • Data Visualization – Definition of the target dashboards and reports via PowerBI
  • Operations – Cost Management, CI/CD Workflows, Monitoring and Optimization, etc.

Engagement time and cost will be quoted case by case.

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